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RestorFlora PD 21 Capsules

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With RestorFlora PD, a novel probiotic digestive aid, pharmacists can potentially help their patients avoid gut disturbances caused by some medications. Through maintaining gut microbiome balance, RestorFlora PD may provide the necessary support to help prevent gut dysbiosis and undesirable pathogen overgrowth.*

Some medications can decimate healthy gut bacteria populations, disrupting gut microbial balance and leading to digestive issues. Instead of merely targeting that one pathogenic organism some medications are prescribed to eliminate, target, and kill off a significant portion of the commensal (normal) microbiota that reside within the human gut microbiome. Occasional diarrhea is one of the most common digestive complaint coincident with some medication use. A proven way to counter dysbiotic gut diversity disruption is by consuming probiotic bacteria both during some medication treatment and afterward. In clinical trials, the incidence of occasional diarrhea is significantly reduced by probiotics compared with active, placebo, or no treatment controls. *