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REMAide-SR 60 Capsules

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Tesseract Medical Research RemAide SR, Sleep Support Supplement, 60 Capsules

Relax Folks! It’s no secret that sleep deprivation has significant adverse health consequences, including cognitive impairment, obesity, and depression – just to name a few. That’s why Tesseract created REMAide SR, with four clinically tested nutrients that help relax you at bedtime and promote healthy sleep cycles. *

The challenge with many ingredients that promote sleep is they are actually quite difficult for the body to absorb. Tesseract’s ground-breaking nutrient delivery science, however, ensures that REMAide SR’s therapeutically-advanced ingredients survive stomach acid, thus creating unprecedented absorption to help you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep throughout the night. *

We Hand-Selected Well-Researched Natural Ingredients that Promote High-Quality Sleep! Melatonin: A nutrient that has been heavily studied for its ability to restore regular sleep cycle patterns and enhance REM sleep. *

Lavender: This botanical has significant clinical research behind it that supports its calming, sedative-like properties. Its two most common uses are to alleviate stress and to support healthy sleep patterns. *

Myrcene: This monoterpene has been shown to possess substantial sedative-like and analgesic-like properties. * These combined functions promote relaxation, decrease sleep onset time, and help maintain normal sleep cycles.*

Hop Resins: Resins produced by the hop plant (Humulus lupulus) enhance the level of gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which helps calm the central nervous system’s active neurons, thus improving the two deepest sleep periods: slow-wave sleep and REM sedation. *

So how does REMAide SR make a difference?

REMAide SR will help you:

Fall Asleep Sooner and Stay Asleep Longer*

Reduce Stress*

Restore Healthy Sleep Patterns*

Contribute to Improved Cognitive Health*

Now it’s time to say, “Goodnight all – sweet dreams!”