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Kidz Digest Chewable Berry Flavor 30 Tablets

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Improving digestion for our children!* Transformation’s Kidz Digest is a gentle Zymes 4 Kidz formula of effective, GI stable digestive enzymes with DPP-IV designed to promote optimal digestion of nutrients.*

This Zymes 4 Kidz formula was created as a tasty, convenient way to encourage more complete digestion and absorption of nutrients.* The safe, effective, and easy to administer Kidz Digest Chewable formula assists with the digestion of food, allowing the body’s cells and tissues to absorb the resources they need for energy, growth, and repair.* Three enzyme blends work together to encourage a more complete digestion: a polysaccharolytic blend to assist digestion of sugars and starches, a protease blend with DPP-IV to assist digestion of proteins, and a lipase blend with 3,000 FIP to assist digestion of fats.*