CurcuVES 60 Softgels

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It is well understood that Turmeric can offer many health supportive properties. The spice has a very long history of use as an important component of many traditional Indian foods, and has also been used by cultures around the world for its nutritive and health promoting abilities. Many of the components of Turmeric (including the curcuminoids) thought to be responsible for its beneficial effects are very poorly absorbed by the body. Their fat soluble nature and other chemical characteristics can make absorption across the gastrointestinal tract a challenge. However, when incorporated into the VESIsorb delivery system, these challenges can be minimized. VESIsorb Curcumin allows for the curcuminoids to be solubilized and form a self assembling, nano-colloid in the presence of an aqueous system such as the intestine. This in turn provides an excellent opportunity for their absorption into the body. VESIsorb Curcumin allows you to receive optimal benefits of this important plant.*